Everyone knows that work is always easy when you’re not the one that has to complete it. Over 40 years of experience completing or supervising mold maintenance, mold change-overs, mold cleanings, mold splitting, and mold tipping experience has led to the development of a machine to make working on molds safer and easier for everyone living in the overlooked segment known as smaller tooling. 

We want to be your source for mold splitting and mold tipping of small molds weighing 2,000 pounds or less. We’ve developed and tested this machine for over 2 years  because we know that equipment failure is not an option when mold work needs to be completed and presses need to run.  We complete mold openings in less than 25 seconds and then close molds equally quick.

20 years ago my daughters wrestled with molds and wish they had had this equipment. The Wee-Split machine splits molds more easily than you can change channels on the satellite dish or cable box. That’s because our buttons are larger, the labels make sense, and there are just eight buttons needed to operate the Wee-Split machine.

Let us team with you to provide the mold splitting and mold tipping solution for your company and your team.


Team Wee-Split

phone: (630) 974-1561                                                                        email:  weesplit@gmail.com