Mold Maintenance and Cleanings

Mold splitting and mold tipping are the starting and ending points in all mold activities not involving filling the mold with plastic. Why is it that most shops take skilled professionals and ask them to complete the work of the apprentice? Mold splitting and mold tipping can be done by anyone with 3 minutes of free time when a machine is used to do the unsafe, strenuous labor part of mold splitting and mold tipping. What other equipment, other than a Wee-Split machine, will allow you to stand 3-25 feet away from all moving parts and have the mold split or tip with a few buttons depressed on an untethered remote control?  The limitations are a 2,000 pound limit for mold splitting and a 2,000 pound limit for mold tipping. The Wee-Split is made for magnetic molds but could be adapted to aluminum molds if required.